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world war ii north africa campaign historynet - overwhelming allied manpower and materiel tipped the balance in the long north african campaign, north africa campaigns battles combatants - north africa campaigns the north africa campaigns were a series of world war ii battles for control of the suez canal and the oil resources of the middle east, rommel s afrika korps historynet - just how good were rommel and his legendary afrika korps, rommel attacks el agheila fort the desert fox in north - erwin rommel s attack on el agheila fort on march 24 1941 did not lead to fearsome fighting it was not one of the great battles of the second world war the attack did however begin a new stage in the war, crusader cruiser mk vi tank encyclopedia - an early production crusader mk i libya operation crusader november 1941 a crusader mk i cs close support these converted versions were equipped with a 3 7 in 94 mm l15 howitzer firing smoke rounds, the history of wwii podcast by ray harris jr a - about the podcast ray harris jr has a degree in history from james madison university i ve been obsessed with the events and people from wwii since i first learned of them, the independent carpathian rifle brigade poland in exile - the independent carpathian rifle brigade 1 samodzielna brygada strzelcow karpackich formed in april 1940 in syria under the command of colonel stanis aw kopa ski the independent carpathian rifle brigade samodzielna brygada strzelc w karpackich was formed from those who had escaped or fled from romania, war in europe and africa world war ii tv tropes - a page for describing worldwarii war in europe and africa this section deals with events in europe and africa in summary it starts off in august 1939, artillery regiments page desert rats - artillery regiments that served with the 7th armoured division during its history the 7th armoured division many artillery regiments units served with the division and it s brigades i have tried to include as many as possible with as much information as possible but i apologise if i h, ww2 british tanks and armored cars tank encyclopedia - ww2 british tanks and armored cars the armored divisions operations campaigns tactics tank design and innovations of the british empire, battle animations the art of battle - this page serves as a directory to the site s main attraction battle animations these animations utilize technology to present great military battles in a clear fluid and exciting way, f35b in focus part 3 ownership and operation save the - looking at the issues around the royal navy royal air force sharing of f35b carrier aircraft, books at on military matters - books at on military matters updated as of 4 12 2018 abbreviations dj dust jacket biblio bibliography b w black and white illust illustrations b c book club addition, militaria mart is an online shopping centre and resource - militaria mart features a reputable dealer directory and resource site for collectors of militaria