Israel Land Of Gods Promise -

what is the land that god promised to israel - answer in regards to the land that god has promised israel genesis 15 18 declares to abraham to your descendants i give this land from the river of egypt to the great river the euphrates god later confirms this promise to abraham s son isaac and isaac s son jacob whose name was later changed to israel, 4 the promise of the land to israel bible org - in the broad program of prophecy relating to israel few factors are more important than the promise to abraham of the perpetual possession of the land it is not only constantly reiterated in prophecies relating to the hope of israel but it is an integral part of the call to abraham which begins the program, the promised land god s kingdom first home - the promised land the promise of land was made to abraham and confirmed to isaac jacob and jacob s sons the land that was promised was a central feature in the identity of israel as a nation all throughout the hebrew scriptures, gods promises of the land to israel billye brim - these scriptures are provided for a quick reference guide regarding only one particular subject in god s word regarding israel his promise of the land of israel, promised land of israel bible references differentspirit org - bible references to the promised land of israel given to the jews as an everlasting covenant scripture has at least 170 references to the land that god gave to the offspring of abraham isaac and jacob, focus on israel god s promise to israel endures - in genesis chapter 12 god promised abraham a land of his own that he would be made into a great nation and that he would be blessed many christians however have been taught this promise is no longer in effect